Our Story

We started our business to share food we love. My business partner Jaime and I had an older friend, Edward Wolters, who made wonderful chicken sausage. We had both enjoyed and served his sausage for years. When Ed passed away in 2008, his little sausage company closed and we knew that his delicious sausages recipes would die with him. After his passing, we contacted his daughters (business women with their own careers) to see if we could buy their fathers recipes. We shared our desire to reinvigorate their fathers business, they agreed to sell us his recipes.

Jaime and I are both journeyman “meat guys“, and have managed meat shops inside independently owned grocery stores for years. Before going into business, we knew building a sausage company was no easy task. We knew the hours would be long and the margins would be slim. But we knew the distinctive flavors and hearty texture of our sausage would be embraced.  We believe that if people tasted our Chicken Sausages, they would continue to buy them.  We know that our preservative free chicken sausage is a delicious way to serve your family a heart healthy meal.

We encourage you to use our website as your resource for great recipes and helpful cooking instructions. More importantly, we want you to discover that wonderful sausage can be made with chicken, and are your link to good health. Thank you for your interest in our products and we hope you will try them soon!

“The Sausage Guys”

Jaime & John

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